Zombie Design Emat Enrichment Licking Mat


Spot will be calm and collected during the zombie apocalypse while using this mat. Lick mats are the hottest new dog enrichment toy and for good reason! Licking releases relaxing hormones, helping calm and ease anxiety.

ENRICHMENT: Licking soothes and calms your dog. Spread your pet’s favorite soft treat across the surface of the mat, ensuring the treat is pushed down into the surface of the mat. This emat is the perfect enrichment tool for your dog.

BENEFITS: Calm your dog through licking. Entertain your pet. Avoid overfeeding. Promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums. Stimulates saliva to aid digestive health

TREAT SUGGESTIONS: Caru Daily Dish Smoothies, canned pet food, cream cheese, plain yogurt, Woof or Meow freeze dried moistened with water or even baby food!

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