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Adaptil Calming Diffuser for Dogs - 30 Day Starter Kit


It's the secret to happy dogs! The Adaptil Electric Dog Diffuser is a natural product proven to comfort both puppies and adult dogs using a discreet plug-in to bathe the home in a synthetic copy of the canine-appeasing pheromone. The diffuser should be plugged in inside the room where your dog spends most of his time. Adaptil Refills can be purchased and replaced as required; up to 5 refills may be used before replacing the diffuser unit.

  • Perfect for calming your dog in stressful situations such as socialization, travel, and kennels.
  • Scientifically proven to calm dogs naturally using synthetic DAP, a pheromone released by the mother dog 3-5 days after having a litter of puppies.
  • Provides the same calming effect of the dog appeasing pheromone used in Adaptil sprays and diffusers.
  • Use a synthetic copy of a dog appeasing pheromone to elicit a calming message to your dog in a natural manner.
  • Covers an area of 530-750 square feet with each vial and lasts up to 4 weeks.

Starter Kit includes a plug in diffuser and a 30-day refill.

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