Atomic Flyers 4-pack Felt Cat Toys


HausPanther Cat Toys encourage a different kind of play behavior from stalking and pouncing to chasing and tossing, keeping cats active and entertained. Abstract shapes, unique textures and sophisticated colors make the toys look like modern art on your living room floor. 

These little felt toys are perfect for sliding across the floor, enticing kitty to chase and pounce. Once she has ahold of one watch as she tosses it in the air and carries it around. Cats love the felt texture and you’ll love the fun colors and shapes that make a little art installation on your living room floor. Who says cat toys can’t be beautiful?

  • Perfect for cats to chase and toss
  • Encourages exercise
  • Great for interactive playtime with your cat
  • Soft felt texture cats love to chew and claw
  • Fun colors and abstract shapes

Material: Polyester felt. Comes packaged in a set of four toys.

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