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Itch+ Solutions Deep Skin Cleanser & Body Wash by Omega Paw


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Itch+ is specially formulated to target your dog's itchy irritated areas. The deep cleansing abilities of Itch+ will help stop the constant itching and biting, bringing relief to your dog's discomfort. Itch+ is fortified with vitamin E and a moisturizer to further protect your dog's skin and coat.

Directions: Simply spray all irritated areas with Itch+. Try and soak the areas completely to the skin to ensure maximum effectiveness. This may take up to 1/3 of the bottle depending on the size of your dog. Pat dry only as needed. Apply Itch+ once daily for three days in a row. It is safe for your dog to lick after application. For best results do not wash your dog with soap or shampoo three days before or after application. Continue to apply once a week or as needed to maintain a healthy skin and coat. Avoid the eyes.

8 oz / 250 ml

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