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Meowy Janes Catnip Bud Bag


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Your cat has never experienced catnip like this - unprocessed catnip buds straight from the field.

The natural oil in catnip plant that cats go crazy for is called Nepetalactone. It is highly concentrated in the plants little bell shaped flowers.

These catnip buds are made up entirely on bunches of these tiny flowers! Upon opening the package, both you and your cat will immediately be able to smell the difference. The buds are perfect for a cat to be able to pick up, shake, bat around the house, and even take a few nibbles of to really feel the effect.

If your cat hasn’t shown an interest in catnip before... maybe they haven't yet tried the right kind. You could be surprised at their reaction to these catnip buds.They hand trim the buds for every order to minimize the amount of stems. Some of the flowers may fall off the buds during shipping- but that's ok! It will be like an extra strong 'shake'.

Each bag is packed with at least 5 grams of whole buds.

Break them up with your fingers


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