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What Are Reishi Mushrooms? The mushroom of immortality is one of the names for reishi. It’s a powerful medicinal mushroom. It’s been popular for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. Unlike many other medicinal plants, there’s a lot of research on reishi mushrooms. A 2012 paper by researchers Priya Batra et al, at India’s Maharishi Markandeshwar University, called reishi “a bitter mushroom with amazing health benefits” such as immune system support, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, protect the liver, support kidney health, relieve allergies, control blood sugar and regulate blood pressure for a healthy heart. The benefits of reishi mushrooms make them a potent supplement to support your dog’s health in many ways. Irish moss is a type of a seaweed that originates in Ireland. Irish moss is full of nutrients and help with soothing digestive troubles and is packed with fiber, Vitamin K and other vitamins, calcium, copper and much more! It comes in a black recyclable jar 130g with a easy to use small measuring spoon.


Reishi Mushroom, Irish Moss Powder

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