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Mighty Paw Hands - Free Bungee Leash


MIGHTY PAW BUNGEE HANDS-FREE DOG LEASH was created BY active dog owners FOR active dog owners. It provides the ultimate experience when running, jogging, walking or hiking with your dog.

PREMIUM QUALITY: high-quality material to ensure the leash has the strength it needs to stand up against years of repeated stress from activity with our dogs. The material is weather resistant and won't wear with exposure to moisture.

THE BUNGEE: A specifically chosen design with a unique blend of strength and flexibility. The leash provides enough "give" to comfortably absorb the force of an excited dog all while maintaining enough tensile strength to keep the dog right by your side.

The bungee has 16 inches of "spring," extending to 56". The extensible nature of the leash is what makes Mighty Paw Bungee the #1 dog leash on the market. Works best for dogs 30lbs-100lbs

THE BELT: An intentional lightweight design with an easy adjusting connector to fit waists up to 42". The belt also has a D ring that rotates around the belt to keep the dog right where you want 'em. The clasps and connectors are durable and lightweight for maximum comfort that won't slow you down.

MULTIPURPOSE: The leash is a great tool to use for vet visits or even as a temporary hook up when dining out with your dog tagging along.

REFLECTIVE STITCHING: In case you're walking, running, jogging or hiking with your dog as the sun goes down.

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