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Dog Dental Rings

Size: Toy Dog - 4 pk

Inside each Dental Ring are many layers of polishing paper that brush your dog’s teeth as they chew. Simply give your dog a Dental Ring and watch them brush their own teeth.

Dental Ring is very effective at cleaning your dog’s teeth by removing plaque and tartar, strengthening enamel, preventing gum disease and tooth decay. Omega Paw Solutions has developed such an innovative and unique teeth cleaning device, you and your dog will absolutely love the Dental Ring. It will make brushing their teeth the easiest chore you have to do for the day.

  • Removes plaque and tartar while whitening teeth and freshening breath
  • Dental Ring has many polishing paper layers that brush your dog's teeth as they chew
  • Keeps your dog entertained while maintaining good dental hygiene
  • Chews can help prevent stained teeth, inflamed gums, bad breath, and excessive drooling

Give a Dental Ring to your dog. Let them chew on the Dental Ring for approximately 15 minutes then take the Dental Ring away from your dog and dispose. If any small bits are ripped off the Dental Ring while the dog chews remove them immediately and dispose.

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