Recovery Vest with Calming Disc


Recovery Vest with Dog Calming Disc

  1. The Calm Paws Recovery Vest is the perfect solution to protecting a wound or surgery on the lower body of your pet.
  2. The adjustable straps allow for comfortable fitting within a product size over a range of pet lengths and girths. Features the Calm Paws calming pocket that holds a Calm Paws disk. These scented disks are infused with natural essential oils to help soothe and calm your dog in stressful situations.
  3. Protective, Calming, Vest
  4. Calm Paws provides true meaningful innovation with dual function of adding calming attribute to all levels of recovery solutions.
  5. To provide comfortable, easy to use, secure protection for wounds, scrapes & surgery on pets while helping the pet relax using essential oil calming solutions.

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