Salmon Puppy Teething Rings


6 pack

Growing new teeth is tough work and it makes for some sore gums! N-Bone Puppy Grain-Free Teething Rings are easy for floppy puppy paws to hold onto and provide a soothing and appropriate outlet for chewing. Formulated with DHA and calcium to support your puppy’s unique nutritional needs, our delicious grain-free chicken flavored rings are pliable and won’t damage immature teeth or upset tummies that have gluten sensitivity.

  • Round puppy chew is designed specifically to help relieve sore gums and teething pain with gentle massaging action.
  • Puppies find savory chicken flavor to be irresistible, helping them to chew teething ring instead of furniture.
  • Fortified with DHA and beneficial fatty acids to promote a healthy brain, ideal skin health, and a shiny coat.
  • Free from any plastic, nylon or rubber, and specially crafted with calcium to support optimal bone and teeth health.

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