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Sticky Paws Scratching Deterrent Tape Roll


Sticky Paws is an extremely effective solution to inappropriate surface scratching.  The  two-sided tape is unpleasant when cats come into contact with it – allowing them to be retrained to scratch on a more desirable surface, such as a scratching post.

  • Transparent adhesive training aids that can be used virtually anywhere without leaving sticky residue, easy to apply and remove
  • Ideal for use on screens, furniture, carpets, and any area that has become the focus of your cat's unwanted attention, discourages cats from clawing and pawing
  • Medical-grade adhesive strips apply directly to furnishings and are harmless to cats and furniture when used as directed 

Roll - The roll is 32.8' (10 m) long with a built-in serrated edge cutter for custom sizing. The roll is  2" wide, 

Precautions: Sticky Paws may damage certain surfaces (including wood finishes, painted surfaces, leather, vinyl, microfiber and wallpaper), so always test a small piece of Sticky Paws on an inconspicuous area before applying. Sticky Paws is ineffective on surfaces treated with non-stick and/or stain-repellent products, such as Scotchgard.

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