Bagged Treats

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Ontario Lake Smelt Treats
Canadian Beef Spleen Treats
Ontario Rabbit Feet Treats
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Duck Calming Aid
Canadian Beef Joint Booster
Natural Canadian Beef Lung
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Natural Sweet Potato
MollyWagz in the Junction Sweet Potato Sticks
MollyWagz in the Junction Chicken Breast Jerky & Sweet Potato Treats
MollyWagz in the Junction Beef & Sweet Potato Training Treats
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MollyWagz in the Junction Beef Liver Training Treats
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Potato and Lamb Indigenous Dental Bone Treats
Original Fresh Breath Indigenous Dental Bone Treats
Carrot & Pumpkin Indigenous Dental Bone Treats
Smoked Bacon Indigenous Dental Bone Treats
Duck & Apple Indigenous Dental Bone Treats
Roasted Chicken Indigenous Dental Bone Treats
Whole Dog Root Vegetables Anti-Inflammatory Treats
Whole Dog Nuts, Seeds & Grains Digestive Aid Treats
Whole Dog Fruit & Flowers Calming Aid Treats
Whole Dog Superfood Greens Treats
Whole Foods Grains Digestive Booster Treats
Meat & Pumpkin Immune Booster Treats
Whole Foods Vegetables Detox Booster Treats
Whole Foods Berries Antioxidant Booster Treats
Cranberry & Chia FoleyBites Treats
Kale & Banana FoleyBites Treats
Blueberry & Chia FoleyBites Treats
Pumpkin & Cinnamon FoleyBites Treats
Lamb with Apple Treats
Turkey with Cranberry Treats
Elk with Wild Berries Treats
Venison with Blueberries and Apple Treats
Angus Beef with Blueberries Treats
Beef Liver with Pumpkin Treats
Vitality Dog Pacific Salmon with Honey Carrots
46 results
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