AVA Ink Green Martingale Collar


AVA martingale is a limited-slip collar that is 100% water and odor proof with a quick-release cobra buckle for security. This training collar prevent dogs from slipping out and communicates by constricting when the dog pulls on the leash. 

The sizes listed are based on the measurement you would use when purchasing a regular collar. Room is already added for the martingale loop. Email us when in doubt!

** The loop should not completely close when the collar is fitted properly and will always have a minimum of 1-2" gap based on size and breed variation. Tension on the leash causes the smaller loop to tighten, which in turn pulls the larger loop tighter.

This collar features 2 points of attachment with one D ring on the martingale loop and one D ring on the main body so that you can switch between training needs or use to attach to another piece of gear. Please note that the weight is thus different from the regular AVA collar:

S is ¾" or 2cm wide 
M is 1" or 2.5cm wide 
L is 1" or 2.5cm wide 

The quick-release buckle keeps your dog secured when needed, but allows for easy removal in times of urgency.

• 100% waterproof and odor proof
• rust resistant hardware
• m
ilitary grade metal buckle for extra security
• solid cast D ring

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