O Nou Oversized with Super Squeakers Toy


Lambwolf Collective O Nou Oversized with Super Squeakers

O NOU is the oversized version of NOU. NOU (pronounced like 'noo' in noodles) is a play object designed for both your pet and you.

To make it fun, the object invites you to be creative too in making various shapes.

O NOU can be a pretzel, a boating knot, a tossing ball or a tug of war rope.

Works like an enrichment toy, treats can be hidden in the knots and rewarded when your pet successfully unknots them.

O NOU was designed as a perfect toy for L + XL pups, the fabric used for O NOU is further reinforced and can withstand rough play with larger breeds.

The O NOU is not only oversized but it is also extra vocal! It contains 2 large super-squeakers which make different pitches of sounds when chewed at different angles.

Despite how durable the O NOU is, it is extremely soft to the canine mouth with a textured teddy plush layer that protects the gums and teeth.

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