Pet-Pourri All-Natural Air & Fabric Pet Deodorizer


Pet-Pourri's FUNK LOCK(TM) TECHNOLOGY attaches itself to
mal odor molecules and transforms them into a molecule that your
nose cannot register - fancy!


SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to naturally eliminate 99% of pet odors* within 60 seconds (even urine!) *Includes wet dog smell, cat urine smell, pesky skunk odor, anal gland secretion odor, and many, many, more.

USE ON STINKY SURFACES such as pet beds, litter boxes, gerbil cages, the couch where your pet likes to sleep, in the air around any of these surfaces, the list is endless! This is not a dry shampoo for pets—so don’t spray directly on your furry friend.

 Synthetic Fragrance
 Parabens
 Phthalates

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