Black & White 5-Layer Training Pee Pads


Made with our patented Silvershield technology, these ultra-absorbing training pads consist of five layers of protection. The anti-leak technology makes sure that the pee and poop stays inside the pad and doesn’t leak. They also have a powerful attractant to lure your pup in the right direction to do their business. Not only are there auto adhesives on the bottom of the pad, but the border has a fun and exclusive black and white design.

5-Layer Leak-Proof Design
Tear resistant quilted top layer
Tissue layers for faster absorbency
Ultra absorbent polymer layer converts liquid to dry gel
Poly backing acts as a moisture barrier to protect against leaks
Built-in Attractant for Faster Results
Auto-adhesive bottom patches
Exclusive design
Silvershield ™ Coating

Throw out every 2-3 days or when layers stop absorbing urine and odors.

25 pads per package

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